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    Cool Text Guide

    Post by MadroX on Wed Sep 15, 2010 7:34 pm

    This guide to Çðð£ is geared towards Windows users who are comfortable with using their computer, and have an at least intermediate understanding of wtf they're doing.
    If you're using a Mac, you should be able to input the 'cool chars' while in-game. Which brings me to my next point: If you're using Windows, you're not going to be able to just type em in. If you're not comfortable enough with how to use your computer, then actually learn how just ask someone for help (usually the guy wearing glasses -- try him first). You should be familiar with the basic components of your desktop, how to find your way around your computer using Windows Explorer, and using your text editor. If your skills are limited to clicking on the-little-pictures-with-words-under-them-them on the desktop, then... I'm sorry. Ain't within the scope of this guide. You're beyond my help.

    It's important to note that you must 'NOT' have Armagetron open while doing this. If you have Armagetron open while editing the user.cfg file, it will not work, and the user.cfg will be overwritten with your previous values. That's counterproductive.
    We need to edit your user setting configuration file, user.cfg. Hunt it down in the \var\ Armagetron folder of your username. On most Windows XP systems, if you are using the default name 'Owner', it would be:

    Naturally, if your username is set to something else, substitute your the Windows username you're signed onto for 'Owner'.
    If you use Armagetron beta 0.3.0, you want to be editing the file u s e r _ 3 . 0 . c f g I don't know the location for the other Windows versions besides Win XP off-hand -- If you can't find it manually, open Search, tell it to include hidden files and folders, and search for either 'user.cfg' or 'user_3.0.cfg', depending on your version of Armagetron. With any luck, you should be able to locate your prey.

    There are a few different Armagetron folders, and all the different Documents and Settings folder can be confusing- check to make sure you're in the right place. Make sure Windows Explorer is set to have hidden files and folders visible. You found the user.cfg? Good....bring up Notepad and open that mofo up!

    Look for the line:
    PLAYER_1 Boringname:(

    Replace that line with:
    PLAYER_1 Cðð£Náme

    To get the Çðð£ characters with which to pimp your name, open up charmap (Windows' Character Map program). Simply enter 'charmap' into the "Run" prompt, which you can access either from the start menu, or by pressing [Windows Key] + R. From here, its a simple matter of copy/pasting the chars from the program into your text editor.

    Don't n00b up your user.cfg by fiddling with stuff- values aren't always labeled very clearly and you don't always know what changing something might do. On that note, silly things like making the font color of your name red won't work. Anything that wouldn't work in Notepad will not work in the user.cfg (which is why I recommended using Notepad).

    >> The first character of your Çðð£ name can't be anything too wacky or nothing up until the first 'normal' character will display >> for example, ¬¤¤a¯ñóób¬ would just show up as ¯ñóób¬

    Now, save the file!
    Open Armagetron up and check that it worked. If, for some reason, your name is not Çðð£ then make sure you:
    [A] used valid characters
    [B] did NOT have Armagetron open when you saved the user.cfg
    [C] aren't n00b

    ~Credit to Nano for this Guide

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